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Lonely aspiring artist Thea discovers she can conjure up her ideal man by drawing him. When her fantasy begins to go rogue, she may just have to erase him completely.

Duration: 4 minutes 9 Seconds

🇬🇧Country: UK

🎥Category: Music, Inspirational 

Director: Kit Redstone

Kit is an award-winning Writer/Director of playfully bombastic theatre. His work balances absurdist comedy with heart-felt explorations into what it means to be human, and uses an eclectic mix of performance tropes and styles. He has spent the last three years developing his writing for the screen, and has two greenlit projects with producer Alan Greenspan (Donnie Brasco, High Fidelity, Pushing Tin). He will be directing his first feature in June 2021 and his second in 2022.

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