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The Blue Cave

Film Synopsis: Ali, a troubled yet imaginative boy, has one dream in life: to become a screenwriter. Neglected by his mother, brutalized by his stepfather, and bullied by members of the neighborhood gang; he longs for a safe space to simply write screenplays and immerse himself in the world of his imagination. As he searches for a safe haven, he discovers a magical cave. Nestled inside of the cave, he begins to write and draw prolifically. But as the violence from his stepfather and the local gang turn deadly, he must decide to either take a stand or lose his dream forever

The DJ Documentary

Film Synopsis: DJ’s Sharing their untold stories

Fix Me

Film Synopsis: A broken Woman is cleaning her house when she finds a pair of old shoes in disrepair. The shoes are a direct reflection of her current state and she decides to get them fixed. After entrusting a unique, mute cobbler with repairing her precious shoes, she tours the shop and discovers an old photo with a kid. While she waits, Woman imagines the boy’s story and his connection to the shop’s history.

Did you Vote?

Film Synopsis: Did you Vote is a micro horror about a man’s consciousness reminding him to not forget about voting during an election.

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