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The Blue Cave

Film Synopsis: Ali, a troubled yet imaginative boy, has one dream in life: to become a screenwriter. Neglected by his mother, brutalized by his stepfather, and bullied by members of the neighborhood gang; he longs for a safe space to simply write screenplays and immerse himself in the world of his imagination. As he searches for a safe haven, he discovers a magical cave. Nestled inside of the cave, he begins to write and draw prolifically. But as the violence from his stepfather and the local gang turn deadly, he must decide to either take a stand or lose his dream forever

Where's Kate?

Film Synopsis: While attending a dinner party, a group of friends begin to suspect their co-worker has murdered his ex-girlfriend based on his social media algorithms and AI suggestions

Love Language

Film Synopsis: A short film about a high school boy who falls in love with a deaf girl, but first must learn sign language before he can talk to her.

Neighborhood Watch

Film Synopsis: In the essence of Alfred Hitchcock’s, “Rear Window”, Neighborhood Watch is even more diabolical when the supposedly neighbor spies on his neighbors from their own home. Neighborhood Watch details the ordinary lives of the citizens of an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood where crime is largely unheard of, and in an area where almost everyone sleeps with their doors unlocked, this residential area’s safety record has earned it the rightful title of “safest place in America”. But, a series of supposedly plausible missing person cases on the other side of town will soon put this sleepy neighborhood on edge when some of its own begin disappearing under suspicious circumstances. As investigators search for answers, their quest for truth leads to the discovery of a chilling revelation initially dismissed as unimaginable.

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